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L.S.V. Cognatio

L.S.V. Cognatio is the national student association for students of Tio University of Applied Sciences, who offers a private study programme for tourism-, hospitality- and business management. Cognatio is a young and entrepreneurial student association founded in 2005. The underlying idea is to create an affiliation between students. The name Cognatio stands for 'affiliation'.

Cognatio is a national student association with more than 900 active members. The association is located in six different cities in the Netherlands: Hengelo, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht and since 2021 also Groningen. Each location is known for its unique activities. For example, Utrecht has the well-attended get-togethers in their regular pub and Amsterdam the famous pub crawls. Besides drinks and parties, a lot of other activities are organized as well, like trips and networking drinks.

The association is managed by a national board with a separate board for each location under it, which makes the relationship between the board and its members very personal and friendly.

Students from all programs of Tio University of Applied Sciences can become members of Cognatio. By becoming a member, you get to know lots of new people, you make good friends quickly, and you build a great network.

With Cognatio, you will get the most out of your student time!

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